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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teaming up with VistaPrint to get you started on your new career with promotion gear

http://vistaprint.tellapal.com/a/clk/qL1Zp  This is what got me started promoting  my MUA career.  I didn't want to spend big bucks on promotion tools so my Sis/Partner, Professional Hair Stylist Ko Andrews put me on to Vistaprint.com.  I had gotten 250 free business cards to get me started.  Then they sent a lot of free offers to for other matching promotion tools and it was very inexpensive and personal.  I really can say always I have a great experience with them.  Quick tip:  Always use paypal to pay for merchandise of an unknown site.  NEVER trust your money, or card number with a website that you are not familiar with.  If they offer pay pal as an option take it.  I hope you really capitalize on this, it will benefit you and your business in the long run.  Good luck! IkandiArt...

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