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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So you think you know beauty?

If you think you know beauty, I ask you this? How can you cover a face with makeup and not prep or protect the skin beneath?  Once you take off your makeup the true you is uncovered.  Some people can't go anywhere without there face.  I can, but I choose not.  I am advertising my business through my face followed by my skin care.  I do not always wear makeup, sometimes I need my skin to breath and just do tinted lip balm and oil blotting sheets. Of course I feel kind of weird, but it's me.  I am not flawless, I have natural hair, fading blemish marks that are not concealed, oily skin, and chapped lips.  One thing that I can say I'm vein about is my brows!!! ; ) You will not see me with a uni... No sir never! LOL  I don't know what I would do if I had to evacuate my home. First thing I will grab is my brow powder, then my brow liner, and of course my cute studded tweezers that my clients love!

The moral of this is: If you are planning to wear makeup or already do, always make sure you have a skincare regimen that works for your skin type. Below is a chart of what to use to keep your skin radiant and glowing as well as  when to use it.  I hope this will help you understand that importance of skincare whether you wear makeup or you don't.  You can surely be of service to your skin now, instead of waiting until we see those first signs of aging.  For your body most people bathe at least two times a day-it should be the same for your face, except you are using products for your face.

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  1. Daily facial cleanser
    Water based Toner
    Moisturizer that fits your skin type
    Gentle scrub at least 3x a week depending on how much you where makeup
    Mask-1x per week